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Kazuri Jewelry and Oleana Winter Wear

Oleana is a wonderful Norwegian company who makes the most gorgeous high quality winter wear from natural fibers such as wool and silk.  Paulette, the founder of Kazuri West , admits to owning several of their sweaters!

Some years ago, their fashion photo shoots also showcased Kazuri beaded jewelry. The bold and colorful jewelry stood out on the intricate patterns. What a beautiful combination, don’t you think?

Oleana was founded back in 1992 and have proved since then that it is “still possible to produce textiles of good quality in a high-cost country like Norway” and not resort to off-shore sweatshops.

Share Your Designs and Win Beads!

We were simply delighted when Charlene Stark sent us this photograph of her Tree of Life pendant.  She made it using the free tutorial written by The Beading Gem, one of our Design Team members.

Charlene Stark3 (1)

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Kazuri Jewelry at the New Camaldoli Hemitage

Kazuri beads travel the world and sometimes ends up in the most unlikely of places. Paulette Walther, the founder of Kazuri West which imports the beads from the African collective, donated a large number of 10 mm beads to someone she knew, a board director, at the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California.

red egg jewelry

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