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Kerrie Slade’s Adorable Kazuri Kritters!

Kerrie Slade, a British bead artist and member of our Design Team came up with her adorable Kazuri Kritters collection. These bead embroidered pins feature Kazuri ceramic animal buttons. Kerrie gave each creature not only their own shade tree but also wrote little stories for them.

kerrie slade kazuri kritters

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The Rockingham : New Kazuri Beads Color Family

Happy Halloween!  It’s no coincidence we timed this post for October 31. As you can see , the Rockingham, our new Kazuri beads color family is now out! A luscious mix of black, orange and white in Kazuri’s signature styles. Perfect not just for Halloween but all year round.

black and orange beads 3

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Which Blue Beads Do You Like? (Poll)

More than 50% of people polled in the the US and Europe chose blue as their favorite color. It is not surprising as blue is a soothing hue, one which we associate with tranquil seas and bright skies.  From a psychology point of view,  “blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, the imagination, cold, and sometimes with sadness.”

blue beads_1073

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Our Summer Palette Collections of Gorgeous Kazuri Beads

We have tons of gorgeous Kazuri beads. It is sometimes hard to pick from so many, so the pallete collections we come up with help you choose and hopefully get your creative juices going! There is something for everyone – be it the cool colors or the hot ones.  The Bohati Bronze is particularly classy.



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