Helen Breil’s Clever Magnetic Polymer Clay Jewelry

Helen Breil is the creative polymer clay artist behind the wonderful texture plates we carry on Kazuri West | Many Hands Marketplace.  Recently her clever magnetic polymer clay jewelry design technique was featured in the summer issue of the Polymer Arts magazine.

Helen breil_magazine article

Helen’s integration of strong neodymium rare-earth magnets into her pieces allows her to create unique focals which also double up as front facing clasps.

Helen breil_magnetic front clasp

More recently she has used the magnets to make multi-focal jewelry. The components are not only interchangeable but can also be rearranged anywhere on the garment. Magnets in the focal as well as the back of the dress or blouse keep the jewelry in place without any need for pins!

helen breil_magnetic brooch 2

The components can either be separate or linked together and placed anywhere the wearer so desires! A very versatile technique indeed.

Helen breil_magnetic brooch

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