Kazuri Jewelry at the New Camaldoli Hemitage

Kazuri beads travel the world and sometimes ends up in the most unlikely of places. Paulette Walther, the founder of Kazuri West which imports the beads from the African collective, donated a large number of 10 mm beads to someone she knew, a board director, at the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California.

red egg jewelry

This talented oblate, Debi Lorenc already has a jewelry line called the Red Egg Gallery.  Debi makes red clay prayer beads and jewelry for her Etsy Shop.

She used the donated Kazuri beads to make special bracelets for sale at the bookstore of the hermitage. The proceeds not only directly support the monks who live, minister and pray there but helps maintain “this beautiful place for those who need a retreat from the crazy world.” Check out the New Camaldoli Hermitage Facebook  for their latest news.

The name of the jewelry line is inspired by the Legend of the Red Egg. The story an incident from Mary Magdalene’s efforts to spread the Gospel after the Ascension of Jesus. After telling the Emperor of Rome that “Christ has risen”, the Emperor then replied Jesus had no more risen than the egg he pointed to. At this point, the egg turned red.

Camaldoli Hemitage 1

New Camaldoli Heritage monks playing music at a gathering

Paulette thinks highly of  them. She said, “This is a wonderful group of monks in Big Sur Calif.  When I owned my coffee shop and bakery in Monterey, I used to bake their fruit cakes for them.  Fell in love with this delightful and happy group of monks.  When you attend their church service they are very quiet and monk like, however when you have lunch or socialize with them, they are lively, fun loving and smiles all around. ” 

So if you are close to the area, be sure to drop by!

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