Kerrie Slade’s Beaded Kazuri Kritters in Bead & Button Magazine!

Remember Kerrie Slade’s amazing beaded Kazuri button animals we featured a while back? Well, this Design Team member wanted to write a tutorial for them so others could make their own. However, Kerrie explained on her blog that “The pins were originally going to be published as a project in Bead and Button, but it was later discovered that they are not as simple as they perhaps look and so they are not really suitable for a project.”

beaded Kazuri Kritters

As Kerrie’s intent was to promote the work of the Kazuri bead artisans and to showcase the Kazuri buttons, she was pleased  the beautifully photographed Kazuri Kritters have appeared in the “Your Work” section of the August 2015 publication of the Bead & Button magazine. Click on the images to see larger versions. She hopes readers will be inspired to come up with designs of their own.

beaded Kazuri Kritters 2

The charming stories Kerrie wrote for each of the beaded Kazuri Kritter can be found here.

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