Kerrie Slade’s Beaded Designs in the Perlen Poesie Magazine!

It is always a thrill when a member of our Design Team gets featured in a magazine.  This time, is the turn of UK based bead artist, Kerrie Slade. The German beading magazine, Perlen Poesie did a wonderful in- depth artist profile on her for their issue 25 publication. Kerrie Slade Perlen Poesie cover large The front cover showcases her stunning Garden Party floral beaded necklace. Kerrie’s love of nature carries over in her floral designs. She is also well known for weaving little stories to accompany her designs. Remember her adorable beaded Kazuri Kritters? Shown below are her beaded Samunnat flower pins which were especially photographed for the publication. Kerrie shared the marvellous experience she had with the Perlen Poesie staff over on her blog. kerrie slade samunnat flowers

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