Aftermath of Nepal’s Devastating Earthquake

The April 25 earthquake in Nepal devastated large swarths of the country. But to our great relief, all the ladies (some are shown below in their new uniform) and their mentors were safe. Their building is still standing. However, they are frightened to go inside buildings especially when they felt another earthquake on April 27.

sammunat nepal ladies

Kopila, the Nepali lawyer who is one of the founders of Sammunat Nepal, wrote on their blog how nervous she and Sharmila were when they had to go inside the Samunnat building to fetch something.

outside Samunnat Nepal

She described what happened next, “When Sharmila said “Didi, why not we turn on the lights on our roof?” we did and when we looked at it from the ground again we both said “This is our Samunnat and it is alive.” And we both felt to cry but it was because of love not of our fear. I also want to tell people that it is not just our building to sit in there. It is our everything. It is our place of dreaming and love and so many hopes are in there. I just want people to know it is not just a concrete building. We are so happy to have it.”

The people in what is a poor country are resilient.  Wendy Moore, one of the founders, wrote on the blog how they coping.  She said, Nepalis aren’t just sitting and waiting.  As is often the case, the poorest people are the most generous in helping the affected people.  After all, they know more than most what is like to be in need.

She also made a good point.  If you are wanting to help, it is best to donate money.  Often well meaning donors send all sorts of things which the people do not need or cannot use.

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