Beautiful Handmade Pendants and Bracelets from Invelo Swazi

Most people have heard of Kazuri ceramic beads.  But there is another collective of women artisans based in Swaziland which is located in Southern Africa.  Imvelo Swazi make beautiful handmade pendants and bracelets.

swazi bracelet 1

It is a relatively young fair trade collective. It was first established in 2007 by Manzini Youth Care, a Catholic NGO working with marginalized youths in Swaziland.  Father Larry McDonnell established the order.

swazi bracelet 2

Father Larry McDonnell was inspired by the story of Mama Margarita (Margherita Occhiena Bosco), the mother of St John Bosco, who as a young widow, struggled to raise her family.  It is easy to see how the goodly priest drew a parallel with Mama Margherita and the women of Swaziland who find it hard to provide for their families.

swazi pendant 4

Imvelo Swazi is dedicated to helping these women secure a living wage but at the same time supporting their passion and creativity.

swazi pendant 3

Check out the range of Imvelo Swazi pendants and bracelets we carry here.swazi pendant 1

swazi pendant 2

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