Introducing the Kazuri Tree of Life Ceramic Discs and Free Tutorial

Pearl Blay of The Beading Gem, one of our Design Team members, worked with us to help develop a new Kazuri product. These multi holed ceramic discs can be used to hang beaded dangles. But when the row of holes are positioned to the top of the pendants, they become the anchor points for making unique wired tree of life designs!

tree of life wire kazuri necklace modeled 2 LOGO

Several wires are used in a pinch and twist techinique to add different types of beads at the top of the tree. The bare wires are then twisted together to form the tree trunk. The base of the tree is secured around the bottom hole. Please go to Pearl’s tutorial to learn how to make this design yourself.

kazuri pendant discs

Product numbers : 6635 (Festive Green) 6636 (Monet)

During the testing phase, we tried using 2 1/2 ” discs which were a little too heavy for pendants. So we settled on 2 ” discs which are now available in green and a metallic mosaic pattern.  The original large test disc will make for a great ornament as you can see from the last picture below!

Kazuri tree of live pendant necklace 1 LOGO

kazuri tree of life wire on ceramic disc_logoy

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