Kerrie Slade’s Adorable Kazuri Kritters!

Kerrie Slade, a British bead artist and member of our Design Team came up with her adorable Kazuri Kritters collection. These bead embroidered pins feature Kazuri ceramic animal buttons. Kerrie gave each creature not only their own shade tree but also wrote little stories for them.

kerrie slade kazuri kritters

Each of these brooches are only 3 inches high but took Kerrie  many hours to complete.  The set of 3 feature a cheetah, zebra and giraffe.  She cleverly used the buttonholes as part of the design.

kerrie slade kazuri cheetah tree brooch

Kerrie loves adding a bit of whimsy to her designs and this collection shows her talent for doing so very well! The little zebra even  found a flower to munch on!

It’s a unique way of using buttons. Hopefully her designs will inspire others to explore different ways of integrating buttons in jewelry designs. They don’t always have to be the clasp ends!

kerrie slade kazuri zebra tree brooch

Check out the range of buttons, not just the animal ones, over on Kazuri West. Doesn’t the elephant button look cute?

kerrie slade kazuri giraffe tree brooch

5 responses to “Kerrie Slade’s Adorable Kazuri Kritters!

  1. Sorry, but I did not see the Elephant one mentioned.

  2. Very cute.

  3. Thank you for the lovely feature! It was such fun working out a way to incorporate these gorgeous buttons into my work.

    Kerrie 🙂

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