Arizona Turquoise and Samunnat Bindu Beads Necklace

This beautiful and bright necklace was designed by Sandra Francour, one of our design team members. She used real Arizona turqouise which was not dyed or stabilized – an uncommon material these days as so many opaque gemstones have been treated in some way. She teamed the gemstone with polymer clay Samunnat bindu beads. What a lovely mix of natural and manmade materials!

Turquoise bindu necklace 1

Have you ever wondered why the Samunnat ladies call these beads “bindu”? Bindu is a Sanskrit word which means dot or point. The word is used to describe the tiny dots the women customarily place between their eyebrows. As you can imagine, the dot has to be carefully applied with some precision. The care in which they add tiny slices of polymer clay canes to the base ball of clay is so similar to their bindu application that it inspired the name for these beads.  Now you know!

Turquoise bindu necklace 2

Check out more bead designs on Kazuri West.

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