Helen Breil Contest Winners!

Many stunning designs were submitted for the Helen Briel Polymer Clay Design Contest, making the judges’ work hard indeed!  The 3 winning designs were chosen for their wonderful sense of color, texture, pattern, originality and level of difficulty.

First prize went to Nirmala Edwards who used Helen’s Conga and Fandango Texture Stamps in unique and sophisticated ways.  Helen Breil said, “An exotic touch that suits Kazuri!”

Helen Briel Contest A winner 1

The second place winner was Rita Sim.  Her clever reversible pendant was made using the Manic Monday and Hurly Burly Texture Stamps.  She used the magic extruded mokume gane technique.

Helen Briel Contest A 2

Helen briel contest winner 2b

The third place winner was Patricia Pfeiffer with her marvelously creative bird was filled with so many textures and colors.

Helen Briel Contest A 3

Helen Briel Contest A 3B

For more information on Helen Breil polymer clay stamps, check out KazuriWest.com

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