Samunnat Nepal’s New Workshop

The women at Samunnat Nepal are reveling in their new workshop!  A wonderful place where they can work and make beads for Kazuri West! Their new home was made possible by generous donations from the international polymer clay community.

outside Samunnat Nepal

The pictures shown here were taken during Cynthia Tinapple’s recent trip to Nepal.  Cynthia is the author of the highly popular Polymer Clay Daily  and is highly supportive of Samunnat Nepal.

group picture

The main workroom is large and filled with light. A comfortable and spacious workspace is so important to all artisans.

main worktable

Good storage too for all their clay and supplies, all of which are close at hand.

polymer clay supplies

There is even space to photograph their creations as Shamila and Cynthia both demonstrate.

cynthia and shamila photographing

samunnat beads

Soon all these beads you see being made will be sent to Kazuri West!

making beads


sorting and stringing

Our thanks to Cynthia for letting us  share these wonderful photos!

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