Kerrie Slade’s Adorable Kazuri Kritters!

Kerrie Slade, a British bead artist and member of our Design Team came up with her adorable Kazuri Kritters collection. These bead embroidered pins feature Kazuri ceramic animal buttons. Kerrie gave each creature not only their own shade tree but also wrote little stories for them.

kerrie slade kazuri kritters

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Arizona Turquoise and Samunnat Bindu Beads Necklace

This beautiful and bright necklace was designed by Sandra Francour, one of our design team members. She used real Arizona turqouise which was not dyed or stabilized – an uncommon material these days as so many opaque gemstones have been treated in some way. She teamed the gemstone with polymer clay Samunnat bindu beads. What a lovely mix of natural and manmade materials!

Turquoise bindu necklace 1

Have you ever wondered why the Samunnat ladies call these beads “bindu”? Bindu is a Sanskrit word which means dot or point. The word is used to describe the tiny dots the women customarily place between their eyebrows. As you can imagine, the dot has to be carefully applied with some precision. The care in which they add tiny slices of polymer clay canes to the base ball of clay is so similar to their bindu application that it inspired the name for these beads.  Now you know!

Turquoise bindu necklace 2

Check out more bead designs on Kazuri West.

Helen Breil Contest Winners!

Many stunning designs were submitted for the Helen Briel Polymer Clay Design Contest, making the judges’ work hard indeed!  The 3 winning designs were chosen for their wonderful sense of color, texture, pattern, originality and level of difficulty.

First prize went to Nirmala Edwards who used Helen’s Conga and Fandango Texture Stamps in unique and sophisticated ways.  Helen Breil said, “An exotic touch that suits Kazuri!”

Helen Briel Contest A winner 1

The second place winner was Rita Sim.  Her clever reversible pendant was made using the Manic Monday and Hurly Burly Texture Stamps.  She used the magic extruded mokume gane technique.

Helen Briel Contest A 2

Helen briel contest winner 2b

The third place winner was Patricia Pfeiffer with her marvelously creative bird was filled with so many textures and colors.

Helen Briel Contest A 3

Helen Briel Contest A 3B


For more information on Helen Breil polymer clay stamps, check out

The Rockingham : New Kazuri Beads Color Family

Happy Halloween!  It’s no coincidence we timed this post for October 31. As you can see , the Rockingham, our new Kazuri beads color family is now out! A luscious mix of black, orange and white in Kazuri’s signature styles. Perfect not just for Halloween but all year round.

black and orange beads 3

rockingham beads all

There is a variety of shapes too so you can mix and match with the other beads in the collection or with other color families. Toss in green beads for a contrast or with red or brown beads for more of a autumn look. The choice is yours!

Shown below are more beauty shots of these gorgeous beads.

black and orange beads 4

black and orange beads 5

rockingham beads 2

Check out more of our bead families over on Kazuri West.

Which Blue Beads Do You Like? (Poll)

More than 50% of people polled in the the US and Europe chose blue as their favorite color. It is not surprising as blue is a soothing hue, one which we associate with tranquil seas and bright skies.  From a psychology point of view,  “blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, the imagination, cold, and sometimes with sadness.”

blue beads_1073

As you can see from this small selection of Kazuri ceramic beads from our website, there are many shades of blue. They run the gamut from pale blues to bright cobalt and turquoise blues to deeper ones like Prussian blues.  Sea-greens are also beautiful blue combinations which attract many people.

blue beads_ 2607

Do you have a favorite shade of blue? Let us know via the poll at the end of the post which sort you like best.

blue beads_shushublue 1040

blue beads_6067

blue beads_1922

blue beads_midnight 1022

blue beads_cornflower_1010

blue beads_ 2227

Introducing Wendy Moore’s Jewelry Designs

Wendy Moore is an extraordinary Australian polymer clay artist is another design team member we are proud to have. She said, “I have created with polymer, a relatively modern synthetic modeling material, for over two decades and am still discovering new delights. I have always been fascinated by colour and jewelry and polymer allows me to indulge that fascination endlessly.”


Wendy and her husband live on the edge of the Australian Outback for most of the year. But they spend 3-4 months of the year in Nepal. The “color immersion experience” as she calls it has had a profound effect on her life and work which also led to her helping Nepali women who are victims of domestic violence.


Wendy, together with Kopila Basnet, a Nepali attorney, founded Samunnat Nepal. This is the women’s collective which produces beautiful polymer clay beads for international sale.  Wendy also writes their blog and helps the women sell their beads and jewelry abroad so they may be able to earn their living.


Shown here are some of Wendy’s designs using Samunnat Nepal’s colorful polymer clay beads.  We look forward to more in the future!

Don’t Miss It! Kazuri Dollar Orphan Bead Sale

This is huge!  One of our best sales yet and not to be missed.  We are moving out old stock beads which we affectionately call orphans beads!  Shown here are a sampling of the color families.

kazuri orphan beads sale

These are packaged in bags of 20 assorted beads at $20 per bag.   Go to Kazuri and click on “beads” to see more.  Access the catalog by clicking on a color family.  The first item of each color group is the bag of orphan beads.

Choose your favorite color family of assorted beads :

  • Black/Whites
  • Blues/Greens
  • Earth Tones
  • Reds/Pinks

You will not be able to choose specific beads – only the color family you like in bags of 20 beads. Rest assured, we will pick a lovely assortment of beads for each color family. There will be at least 2  of each bead pattern in each bag.

There is no limit to the number of bags you buy as long as we have stock. So don’t delay!  All sales are final. There are no additional discounts.

This sale runs from September 27 to October 3, 2014.